SEOUL Spare Parts Trading

Blueberry ERP: Accounts Solution

Seoul Spare Parts Trading is one of the leading Korean spare parts traders in the UAE. With over four branches distributed within Sharjah, Seoul has gained the trust of many end-consumers and retailers over the past 20 years.

SEOUL Spare Parts


As a trader, Seoul had a growing challenge of maintaining its stock levels to meet both the local and regional markets. Hence, purchasing should be done on time to ensure the availability of items at all times. Moreover, items are distributed among different locations, and the sales team needs to find items whenever a sale is made to ensure fast delivery to clients. Seoul required accurate financial information to measure the overall performance of the business across all branches. With over 20 employees distributed among all branches, Seoul needs to track its employees' daily sales and logistics operations.


Using Blueberry Purchasing, Inventory, and Financial Management modules, Seoul is now able to organize and track all of its branches' operations effortlessly. The purchasing management module makes it easier for purchasers to create a purchase order on time and to track them, and ensure their delivery to the right branch. On the other hand, the inventory management module provides accurate average cost of all items at all times to ensure sales profitability. Finally, the financial management module links all operations together and provides meaningful summaries about the company's overall financial health and performance.

Accounts Solution

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