Ministry of Interior - Abu Dhabi

Blueberry ERP: Appraisals Management System

MOI (Ministry of Interior) Abu Dhabi – UAE has over 10,000 employees distributed among the seven cities of UAE. As a giant diversified ministry, MOI is a leading organization in applying the latest technologies that serve its employees and citizens. Since 1970 and MOI is on a continuous journey of improving and expanding its services. And is considered as one of the most progressive organizations in the Middle East.

Ministry of Interior - Abu Dhabi


Being a host of over 10,000 employees, MOI wants to measure its employees' satisfaction and happiness levels on a real-time basis. The significant number of employees, the different geographical sites, and data processing is a complex problem. The main challenge for MOI is to process the captured data and employ the business intelligence concepts in analyzing and summarizing the overall satisfaction and happiness levels of all employees. Moreover, MOI runs periodical manual surveys internally that aim at measuring specific metrics among its staff. Handling thousands of paper applications was a critical challenge as it's not environment-friendly. It requires an enormous amount of time to capture and analyze the data gathered from paper surveys.


Blueberry Appraisals Management System (AMS) is a complex solution that integrates with any HRMS application. AMS reads and records employees' data and keeps the data synchronized daily. Moreover, AMS provides administrators with several tools such as:

  1. Organization structure and drills down within every node to the employees and their details.
  2. Surveys Designer
  3. Push Notifications
  4. Business Intelligence Dashboard

Moreover, AMS creates intelligent suggestions to users (Administrators and end-users) based on their answers and interactions with the system. Finally, the BI platform presents management with real-time findings produced from surveys filed by employees.

Appraisals Management System

  • Daily Data Synchronization
  • Organization structure
  • Surveys Designer
  • Push Notifications
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard